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Family Link

The Family Link program provides professional and compassionate short-term outpatient counseling and case management services for Northeast Florida families with youth ages 6 – 17 who are experiencing any problem that disrupts the health and stability of the family. Our therapists and case managers provide care for more than 600 youth and their families annually.

Specifically, Family Link therapists have master’s degrees and extensive experience in a wide range of family and youth issues including running away, poor academic performance, truancy, homelessness, depression, anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and chronic behavior problems. Our therapists and case managers work with the children and families in their school or on our campus to resolve crises.

Family Link serves clients by phone, appointment or as walk-ins. To learn more about Family Link services, please call (904) 725-6662 or toll-free at 1-877-720-0007. All Family Link counseling sessions are confidential.

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