The need for a better solution is clear

Every year, 25,000 youth age out of foster care nationwide. Of those, only one in four have a permanent home, leaving the rest to fend for themselves with few skills and little hope for a successful life. In Northeast Florida alone, there are approximately 400 Jacksonville youth 13-17 in foster care. Most of them will age out of foster care with no viable living arrangements or life skills training. And the outlook is grim; statistics show that without intervention, many face incarceration, substance abuse or homelessness.

Touchstone Village provides a path to independence

These disconnected youth need hope for a better future. But they also need a safe place to live and learn the skills needed to break the cycle of despair. YCC’s innovative solution, Touchstone Village, combines transitional living and independent living programs to provide a new path to success for these young adults.

Each resident receives educational and career coaching and resources from trained specialists to place them on the path to self-sufficiency, and apprenticeship programs are available through various community organizations.

To successfully graduate from the Touchstone Village program, all residents must:

  • Master independent living skills
  • Receive a high school diploma or GED
  • Enroll in a college or vocational/technical school
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility
  • Maintain gainful employment
  • Refrain from criminal activity

Our unique program helps at-risk youth grow into confident and responsible members of the community. For young adults who can’t see a clear path to an independent and healthy lifestyle, Touchstone Village restores hope and helps them set new standards for their life.

Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis through referral, application and interview.

To learn more, please contact Touchstone Village at (904) 805-0850 or toll-free at 1-877-720-0007.