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IMG_20140806_152245My name is Matthew Rosario. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been a resident at Touchstone Village since January 2012. Touchstone has helped me a lot which has included my rental of one of their apartments, transportation when needed, and assisting me to strive forward to achieve my goals. The community here is clean and safe, and my neighbors are very friendly and welcoming. I am working toward obtaining my AA Degree at FSCJ while living here at Touchstone. I have also gained employment. We have resident meetings with our Transitional Living Coordinator that provides us with information on how to get assistance from other community resources. From my experiences, I would recommend this program to other peers.


The Youth Crisis Center is in its 4th decade of helping young people and their families and is rated among the top five programs of its kind in the country. How it got here is inspiring; where it’s going is remarkable.

Escaping to the US from terror in Sudan where her father was assassinated, Ayak’s family virtually self-destructed. She saw little hope until the Youth Crisis Center and a caring counselor intervened.

Sharon’s teenage daughter had problems with drugs and alcohol – with the help of YCC, Sharon’s daughter was able to get back on her feet.

Now a successful business woman, Kristi was once a chronic runaway embracing a dangerous life on the streets. She believes persistent care and kindness from the Youth Crisis Center saved her life.

Hope Lives Here